Sound of Silence, The
Author: Katrina Goldsaito
For KS1/lower KS2
Price 13.99 hardback
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Sound of Silence, The When Yoshio opens his door to the busy streets of Tokyo he is assailed by a wall of noise and amuses himself on his walk to school by noting each strand of this 'symphony'. When he hears a Koto player tuning her traditional instrument, he asks whether she has a favourite sound and is intrigued the answer that it is 'ma' - the sound of silence. This conundrum puzzles Yoshio until a day later he finds himself lost in a book and understands that silence is like the very space between words - the medium that gives them meaning.. The stunning artwork reinforces this theme: vistas of Tokyo streets - drawn with architectural precision - are loud with blocks of colour, their vibrancy muted by the end of the book where a blank page corresponds to the concept of silence. Japanese cultural references are plentiful: from the lettering on stalls and shop fronts on the bustling streets, modernist architecture, iconic bullet trains, parks and bamboo groves, to the uncluttered domestic interiors.