Ada's Violin
Author: Susan Hood
For Juniors/KS2
Price 12.99 hardback
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Ada's Violin This book tells the amazing true story of a children's orchestra in Paraguay which uses instruments made from trash. Ada, one of the violinists, explains how her family's livelihood depends on sorting through the vast rubbish dump of Caetura, the city where they live, for items which can be sold. The future is bleak, where the only choice is to be a 'ganchero' or recycler. This changes when Favio Chavez, an environmental engineer sent to help teach health and safety techniques decides to offer music lessons. Inspired, the local community transforms oil drums into cellos, water pipes into flutes and packing crates into guitars. Ada and her fellow musicians' perseverance and sheer hard work mean that they now perform internationally. Sally Comport's art work is a perfect accompaniment. An author's note and details of websites and videos make this a rich teaching resource.