Africa: Amazing Africa
Author: Atinuke
For Juniors/KS2
Price 14.99 hardback
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Africa: Amazing Africa This first non-fiction work from Atinuke celebrates the 55 countries that make up the continent of Africa aiming to dispel any notion that it is one place and to showcase its amazing diversity. The countries are presented in geographical groupings: Southern, East, West, Central and North Africa, each prefaced by a colourful map. Countries are described in terms of unusual and distinguishing facts and features, whether of landscapes, climate, history, culture and customs: thus we learn that there are 120 languages within Chad, and each person speaks three or four of them; or that the people of Guinea love the myriad patterns of cloths in the markets - it is even possible to get fabric patterned with the best mobile phones! Descriptions of individual countries are combined with occasional pieces giving an overview of topics such as African religions, hairstyles, or love of football. The book is a compendium of fascinating information, delighting in contrasts between modern and traditional lifestyles and enhanced by wonderful illustrations and maps by artist Mouni Fedag.