Because I am a Girl: I Can Change the World
Author: Rosemary McCarney & Jen Albaugh
For Juniors, KS2 & KS3
Price 11.99 paperback
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Because I am a Girl: I Can Change the World In a sequence of compelling first person narratives, girls from developing countries around the world describe the problems they face: ranging from hunger, abandonment and civil conflict, to forced marriage, forms of enslavement and limited access to education. Their stories are both heartbreaking and inspiring: despite the impact of gender inequality in its many guises, they speak with hope and a determination to better their lives - a positive attitude that shines through in the photographs of each participant. Individual contributions are interspersed with more general information and statistics that draw on the work of Plan International, a Canadian organization seeking to address the global scale of issues raised and to promote the human rights denied to many girls and young women throughout the world.