Carver Chronicles:Dog Days
Author: Karen English
For Juniors/KS2
Price 4.99 paperback
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Carver Chronicles:Dog Days This chapter book for emergent readers shares the same setting as the Nikki and Deja stories. The two girls even make an appearance in this second series which looks at friendships and rivalries amongst the boys of Carver Elementary. Gavin is a newcomer to the school and nervous at the prospect of having to make friends, anxieties compounded by his self-consciousness at having to walk his great-aunt Myrtle's yappy little Pomeranian with its pink bow and rhinestone collar. This is a very funny and realistic account of the thoughts and feelings of a young boy negotiating the trials and tribulations of friendships, school and family life as events conspire to thwart his longing to be known mainly for his prowess at skateboarding and soccer. Black and white illustrations break up the text and add their own humour to the story.