Carver Chronicles:Pizza Party
Author: Karen English
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Carver Chronicles:Pizza Party In this new story about Carver Elementary School, Richard and his friends are shocked when super-mean Mr Blaggart arrives in place of their regular teacher just as they are nearing the reward of a classroom pizza party for perfect behaviour in 20 consecutive line-ups in the playground. Tense days follow with the imposition of strict discipline and a rigorous homework routine. There is little respite for Richard outside class either: during playtime the boys risk being thrashed at kick ball by a pesky girls' team and at home his brothers invariably mess up his plans for secret treats. Worse still, when he leaves his homework at school he is in danger of jeopardising the last chance of a pizza party. This chapter book - ideally for Years 3 or 4 - gives a realistic and funny account of a young boy's hopes and fears, with black and white illustrations adding further humorous touches.