Carver Chronicles:Skateboard Party
Author: Karen English
For Juniors/KS2
Price 4.99 paperback
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Carver Chronicles:Skateboard Party Skateboard Party is an affectionate and very funny account of the dilemmas that preoccupy a young boy from an ordinary black middle class family. Richard must extricate himself from an ever deepening mess that starts with his failure to complete his part in a class project on howler monkeys, because his mind is wholly fixated on an invitation to a skateboard party. This chapter book - ideally suitable for confident readers in Years 3 or 4 - gives a second instalment of daily life at Carver Elementary and focuses on Richard, the best friend of Gavin the main character of Dog Days whose story comprises the first book in the 'Carver Chronicles'. Black and white illustrations underline the humour of Richard's tribulations.