Diver's Daughter (A Tudor Story)
Author: Patrice Lawrence
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Diver's Daughter (A Tudor Story) Taking the real life of Jacques Francis, a black African in Tudor England, as inspiration, Lawrence explores the forgotten encounters between 'Moors' and the English and weaves a gripping story around the lost treasure from the famous ship the Mary Rose which Francis was sent to dive for. African slaves or former slaves (slave owning was against the law in England at the time) were known to be able to swim. Our black protagonist, twelve year old Eve and her mother, who is seen diving into the Thames to rescue Eve, are rapidly drawn into a terrifying scheme to dive for lost treasure from the wreck of the Sancta Maria and Sanctus Eduardus. The story is one in a new series, Voices, which reflect the authentic, unsung stories of our past and combines a gripping narrative with well observed historical detail of life in Tudor London and Portsmouth.