Don't Feed the Geckos!
Author: Karen English
For Juniors/KS2
Price 5.99 paperback
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Don't Feed the Geckos! The two previous stories in this U.S. series of everyday life at Carver Elementary School featured boys from middle class black families; Carlos, the central character in this third instalment is of Mexican heritage. When his cousin, Bernardo, arrives on an extended stay and is given the favoured top bunk in his bedroom and a place in his class, the scene is set for multiple misunderstandings, especially after Bernardo chooses to ignore 'house rules' and tries to feed popcorn to Carlos's precious pet geckos. This is a gentle, humorous account of the obstacles to friendship between the two boys, of moral dilemmas and their eventual resolution. With black and white illustrations, this chapter book is ideally suited to confident readers in Years 3 and 4.