Author: Jason Reynolds
For Juniors/upper KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Ghost Castle Cranshaw - or Ghost - as he prefers to be called, can't contain his amazement that someone holds a world record for the number of balloons blown up with their nose. In fact Ghost is a troubled youngster in search of his own special talent, but first he must contend with the inner turmoil and anger that causes him to be involved in altercations at school. This behaviour is linked to a traumatic event: the day Ghost and his mother had to run for their lives when his drunken father fired a gun at them. The idea of running to save one's life takes on a wider resonance when Ghost comes across a group of young runners practising in a local park and is offered a place on the team after he demonstrates that running is the one thing he knows how to do. Recognising his raw ability, their coach becomes an unlikely mentor and steadying influence on the boy, offering him the chance to turn his life around.. Ghost is a credible, complex character, his colloquial first-person narrative is both funny and affecting, obliging us to see the world through his eyes as he struggles with issues of race, class, poverty and domestic violence. This is a short, powerful novel of tremendous appeal..