Gone Crazy in Alabama
Author: Rita Williams-Garcia
For KS2/Year 6
Price 6.50 paperback
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Gone Crazy in Alabama The last in the trilogy about the memorable Gaither sisters; Delphine, Vonetta and Fern. This is the story of the eventful summer they spend with their grandmother, Big Ma and their relatives down south in Alabama; a world away from their home in Brooklyn. New relationships are formed with their extended family and the girls are confronted by new experiences in the form of Butter and Sophie the cows,Caleb the hound and an assortment of chickens, to say nothing of the Ku Klux Klan. When tragedy strikes we see Delphine understand just how deep family ties go. Williams-Garcia also weaves details of the complex and shared history that exists between African-Americans and Native Americans into the narrative and there is an author's note which gives more context to this at the end of the novel The story that ensues is both powerful and humorous and as always the sisters are delightfully engaging. Can be read as a standalone.