Jar of Pickles & A Pinch of Justice: Stories from India
Author: Chitra Soundar
For Juniors/KS2
Price 5.99 paperback
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Jar of Pickles & A Pinch of Justice: Stories from India King Bheema rules an imagined kingdom in India and holds court for his subjects, dispensing justice and arbitrating in disputes. When Bheema goes on a trip, his young son Veera and best friend Suku take on the role. What follows are a series of tales involving trickery and comeuppance as the two boys find many challenges which with humour, wit and cleverness they resolve. In the first case, Dhanu buys a well from his neighbour Gopu. Dhanu is furious as Gopu charges him for the water he takes from it, arguing that it is only the well not its contents that has been purchased. At court, Veera , to the amazement of all, cleverly outwits Gopu by arguing that Gopu should pay Dhanu rent for the water he is storing in Gopu's well. The stories, accompanied by black and white illustrations will delight able readers and are a great addition to other collections of traditional tales.