Jewish Tales
Author: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand
For Juniors/KS2
Price 12.99 paperback
Book(s) at 12.99 paperback
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Jewish Tales This latest anthology from Barefoot Books takes inspiration from its opening tale about the power of story-telling and the passing down of truths from one generation to another. The collection brings together well-loved stories from the Jewish tradition, many concerned with wisdom and its unexpected manifestations, telling of strange events and actions that are not what they seem, and are sometimes explained by a Rabbi figure to be the mysterious workings of God through his messengers in human form. These are moral dramas embodied in dramatic and enthralling stories: who could resist a title such as 'The Prince Who Thought He Was a Rooster'? The anthology is beautifully produced, with many colour illustrations, notes on the stories, a glossary of signs and symbols, and even an audio version in the form of two cds within the front and back covers.