Jumbies, The
Author: Tracey Baptiste
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Jumbies, The Inspired by the Haitian folk tale: The Magic Orange Tree, this chapter book spins a dark adventure featuring Jumbies and other mythical spirits familiar to the author in stories from her Trinidadian childhood. Corinne La Mer, an 11 year old girl, living alone with her fisherman father, discovers a scary connection between her late mother and the realm of sneaky, trouble seeking Jumbies and similar creatures known variously as douyens, lagahoos, soucouyants, and La Diablesse which begin to stray from the dense forest in parts of the island to invade the daylight world. Aided by three plucky friends, Corinne has to do battle with their leader, Severine, a vengeful Jumbie in human disguise who seeks to prey on the girl's own father as a prelude to an assault on the island as a whole. The brave actions of this group of children, shape a haunting narrative - not without its moments of humour - which builds to a hugely exciting climax.