My First Book of Haiku Poems
Author: Japanese Haiku Master tr.Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen
For Juniors/KS2
Price 12.99 hardback
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My First Book of Haiku Poems Twenty haiku by Japanese masters are paired with paintings which invite the reader to look for creative correspondence between the poem and the visual image. The layout of each double page is identical: a haiku in English translation is set above its Japanese original which is given in both script and romanized versions, below which a few sentences encourage ways of interpreting meanings and suggest possible links to the image on the adjacent page. The lovely pictures have a dreamy, surreal quality, showing young children in contemplative response to thoughts and images of the natural world. There are no direct parallels between poem and painting, though they share common appeals to the imagination, and a sense of wonder at the world and the feelings it stirs. An afterword gives information about the poets and the art form, and includes comments from the translator and the artist.