No.1 Car Spotter & the Firebird, The
Author: Atinuke
For Juniors/KS2 & KS1
Price 5.99 paperback
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No.1 Car Spotter & the Firebird, The This welcome second installment of stories about No.1 Car Spotter tells of a new series of interruptions to the young African boy's favourite pastime all of which put his reputation for quick-thinking to the test. Unlike friends, Coca-Cola, Tuesday and Emergency, No.1 lacks any skill with a catapult and must devise some other deterrent for the pesky leopard that has taken a liking to the village goats and is making nightly raids on their compounds. Similarly, when a flood brings traffic on the nearby road to a standstill he must find a way of saving face when his initial suggestions are mocked by those whose journeys have been delayed. The setting and comic detail of these interlinked stories is beautifully realised - building up a picture of traditional village life in all its interactions with the seemingly sophisticated urban lifestyle that laps at its edges.