Red Bicycle, The
Author: Jude Isabella & Simone Shin
For Juniors/KS2
Price 8.99 paperback
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Red Bicycle, The This beautifully illustrated book is part of a series whose intention is to inform and inspire children to be better global citizens. It tells the story of those who have used the red bicycle, from its first owner, Leo, in the United States, who saves up for it and uses it for recreation, to its last, Haridata in Burkina Faso, who uses it as a mobile ambulance for a small, rural clinic. Leo, having outgrown the bicycle, donates it and helps to make it and many others ready for transportation to Africa. We find out how one bicycle can change the life of many: for example, its use to carry goods to market provides income for school fees which in turn improves the employment outcomes for a family's children. 'What You Can Do To Help' pages at the end make this a wonderful teaching resource for sustainability .