Rise of the Jumbies
Author: Tracey Baptiste
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Rise of the Jumbies In this second adventure story about the Jumbies of Trinidadian folklore, Corinne La Mer, and her three friends, Dru, Bouki and Malik are caught up in another confrontation with apparitions from the spirit world. After an earthquake shakes the small island, children playing near water begin to go missing and suspicion falls on Corinne with her part Jumbie heritage. She is determined to prove them wrong and seeks help for a rescue effort from Mama D'Leau - the ruler of the seas. There is a price for assistance, however, one that involves the children in a perilous journey to retrieve a magical opal which has fallen into the hands of an African rival, Ma Dessaly. Guided across the ocean by Mama D'Leau's mermaid daughters, Corinne and friends discover relics of the slave trade and its legacy of missing children on the shores of Africa before engaging in a battle for possession of the precious stone. The narrative is full of scary moments and exciting twists and turns, enlivened throughout by the humorous banter and repartee of the group of plucky friends.