School Like Mine, A
Author: DK Children Just Like Me Series
For upper KS1/KS2
Price 12.99 hardback
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School Like Mine, A This large format book provides a highly visual and informative look at the similarities and differences of school and home life of children from around the world. Details of the quotidian routines, for example: the journey to school and back, what is eaten for lunch and favourite lessons are illustrated with photographs of an individual child, their family and the school. The book is divided into continents with the relevant map at the beginning of each section. Information is in small blocks, accompanied by photographs which make for an appealing layout. Social differences are explored within some countries, for example Brazil: Yasmin attends a school in Rio where there are not enough teachers and has limited access to computers, whereas Ana, attends a well equipped school in Rio and has regular trips to museums and even abroad and works with fellow students on projects to raise money for a study centre for poor children.