Stand on the Sky
Author: Erin Bow
For Juniors/KS2
Price 13.99 hardback
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Stand on the Sky A gripping and moving novel set in the nomadic Kazakh community of Mongolia. Our 12 year old heroine, Aisulu, has her rigidly defined role as a girl slowly turned upside down when she bravely rescues an orphaned eagle. Only men may carry on the centuries old tradition of hunting with eagles so it is against all the odds and on her own merits that Aisulu not only manages to do so but also to win the prize money at the Eagle Festival which will pay for her beloved sick brother's treatment. Daily life in the 'aul'( group of round tents or 'gers' where an extended family live as explained in the glossary), her home, is brought vividly to life with much carefully observed cultural detail and and some wonderfully imagined characters. Despite Aisulu's dramatically different way of life, Bow manages to make her an unforgettable character with whom readers will easily identify and also deftly shows her triumphing by doing something for herself in a male dominated society