Tale of the Firebird
Author: Genady Spirin
For Juniors/KS2
Price 12.99 hardback
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Tale of the Firebird The Tsar's youngest son sets out on a quest to capture a magical firebird that is stealing golden apples from the royal garden. Drawing together three Russian fairy tales, this story charts Ivan-Tsarevitch's adventures as he travels to far-off kingdoms to meet a series of challenges including the rescue of a beautiful princess. Aided by a talking wolf and the terrifying witch Baba Yaga, the young prince has to prepare for a final battle with the brutal ruler Koshchei. The ornate illustrations and page-borders conjure up a medieval fantasy of Imperial Russia; exquisitely detailed paintings washed with gold and jewel-like colours project striking images - from the riches of palaces and the gleaming beauty of the firebird itself, to the grotesquerie of Baba Yaga's realm, or the menacing bulk of Koshchei the warrior king. A sophisticated picture book which would appeal to older readers.