Tales From The Caribbean
Author: Trish Cooke
For KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Tales From The Caribbean Trish Cooke has written down stories that were to told to her by her Dominican parents. The tales have their roots in West African and Carib folklore and are perfect for reading aloud to a group. This collection has stories from the Commonwealth of Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica,Tobago, Trinidad, St Vincent, the Republic of Dominica, St Lucia, Haiti, Antigua and Martinique. Traditionally told by 'raconteurs' and family members in the colloquial language, patois, (Cooke has chosen to use standard English)each telling would introduce subtle changes to suit the particular audience. The stories will be new to most British readers but feature familiar characters such as Brer Anansi, wicked stepmothers, Princesses in search of husbands and wily animals.